CARBONlite | design + build is a construction company that specialises in the prefabrication of beautiful energy efficient homes.

Our homes are created to the highest standards of construction, quality and performance. We can work with your design and adapt it to our construction system.

All our projects are unique and we can turn your dreams into reality with our flexible design options. We offer the latest technology and material from Europe and build smart designed sustainable homes, which maximise the use of space and create a healthy, comfortable indoor environment that performs at the highest standard.

Our construction system uses airtight (internally) and breathable (externally) membranes to construct extremely energy efficient and sustainable homes that last for generations.

CARBONlite | design + build projects are prefabricated in our workshop. This controlled environment dramatically reduces construction time. Unlike conventional construction, CARBONlite | design + build homes do not rely on orientation, thermal mass or natural cross flow ventilation to perform energy efficiently. This next generation of sustainable homes allows you to build your dream home in any location that performs at any time of the year without the need for excessive heating or cooling. This construction system has proved its performance for decades in Europe and is perfectly suited for the Australian climate.

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