Our prefabrication process provides efficiency and quality assurance to your project…


Prefabrication has proven itself overseas to be a super efficient way of construction for decades.

We combine this effective construction style with highest quality, sustainability and energy efficiency through modern technology.
Prefabrication allows us to work in a controlled environment away from weather and avoid awkward and difficult situations on site.

CARBONlite wall, roof and floor panels are pre-insulated and even come pre-plumbed and pre-wired.
That dramatically reduces the construction time on site. The panels can be erected very quickly, allowing your home to be weatherproof within only a couple of days.

Let the results and facts convince you…

  • Construction time is dramatically reduced.
  • Off cuts and wastage reduced from 10-15% to only 4-6%, making it a ‘greener’ construction method.
  • Efficiency improved by 40%.
  • Reduced ‘traffic’ on site therefore reduced impact of construction work on the environment.