The Energy Recovery Ventilation System is the ‘brain and lungs’ of our homes…

The energy recovery ventilation system recovers any form of energy produced in your home (from body heat, cooking or lighting etc.) by extracting  old, stale air from the kitchen, laundry and bathrooms. It contributes this warmth to the fresh air intake from the outside. It filters incoming air from pollen and dust before distributing  into living areas and bedrooms.  A sensor measures the air quality and ‘boosts’ the air exchange if required. The consistent supply of filtered fresh air ensures a healthy indoor climate all year round.

Energy Recovery Ventilation by Zehnder

The energy recovery ventilation unit plays an integral part in a CARBONlite home. In recent years huge advancements have been made in the quality and size of the units.

Two types of Energy Recovery Ventilation we tend to specify are centralised and decentralised systems. It depends a lot on the design of your building envelope and the size of your home, which system we would prefer to use.

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Here is a video outlining the installation of the Zehnder ComfoAir Q series.