A small home in Castlemaine, mid-west Victoria prefabricated and erected to the passivhaus standard. With the soft reflection of the steel cladding in the afternoon light, this house is aesthetic in its approach as well as comfortable within.

Detailing within the roof soffit exposes the structural rafters, matching the external colour of the installed Döpfner windows to contrast the lucid hue of the metal cladding. The Castlemaine Passivhaus is a very comfortable home for many years to come.

A video showing the delivery and erection on site.

Some photos of the build process and final residence.


An article was published about this project in the Castlemaine Mail on 31st October 2014, it is available by clicking below:


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Further, after submitting the passivhaus certification, this residence was certified on the 18th November 2014.

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