A very crisp and clean design, a simple choice of material and a stunning view over the beautiful bushland of Castlemaine  are only a few of the assets of this stunning 3 Bedroom home in the heart of central Victoria.
Build on a very step slope, the suspended timber floor out of engineered I-Beams and LVL lintels gives it a floating effect.
This project includes all the ingredients to a health and extremely energy efficient home. The timber framed walls are 200mm thick and cross insulated with 2 layers of insulation. The ‘intello‘ membrane on walls and ceiling guarantee a completely airtight envelop and double glazed and triple glazed windows and doors flooding the home with light and using passive solar to supply all the heat that is required to keep it comfortable inside.
The Energy recovery ventilation extracts old stale air out of the building, recovers the heat from old air to preheat the incoming air, controls the moisture content, filters from pollen and dust and distributes it into every room of the house.