Introducing our new range of Passive House designs

We make the savings … you bank the difference.

So you are interested in building an energy efficient home to Passive House standard? Don’t think you can afford it? Well think again!

We are introducing a new range of homes, all of which will be built to the rigorous Passive House world standard. Guaranteed.

CarbonLite has always specialised in the pre-fabricated construction of ultra energy efficient homes incorporating our unique PanelLite wall, flooring and roofing system.

To date we have built beautiful ‘one-off’ homes, large and small, which have delighted the owners and surprised specialists with their ultra efficient energy performance, month in, month out.

Now we are taking the established principles of Passive House with the innovative techniques of our CarbonLite system and applying them to a range of ‘off the plan’ homes.

We achieve cost efficiencies in offering ‘off the plan’ homes. There are cost efficiencies in materials buying and handling, in manufacturing and even in the assembly on site.

In short, we make the savings and we pass them on to you.

We may not be the biggest builder in Australia but we are leading the way in many facets ultra energy efficient building systems and construction techniques.

There is a brand new way of doing this. Right here, right now. We are ready! Are you?