The next generation of ultra efficient home construction has arrived!

Burkhard Hansen, Director, CarbonLite

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CarbonLite is Carbon Negative!
February 10, 2021

Fast, efficient and to the highest standard.

So you are interested in building an energy-efficient home? Perhaps building a home to Passive House standard? Welcome to our world!

It is important to partner a building company that not only thinks like you do, but has the experience, expertise and drive to deliver the home you have dreamed of … faster, efficiently and to the highest standard.

CarbonLite is a building company specialising in the construction of ultra efficient homes. With a team of Australian and international craftsmen, we have been successful in raising the profile of the Passive House concept in Australia.

Founder and Director of CarbonLite, Burkhard Hansen is arguably the most experienced Passive House builder in Australia. He is a licenced Master Builder and Certified Passive House Tradesperson with almost two decades’ experience in Passive House construction and precision prefabrication.

As a master craftsman, Burkhard has extensive professional experience having worked in Germany [home of Passive House], Austria, Switzerland and Denmark. He immigrated to Melbourne in 2011.

Burkhard is highly regarded by the Australian building industry as being a figure at the forefront of energy-efficient construction. He has always been keen to pass on his knowledge in the interests of developing energy efficient construction in Australia. Burkhard currently teaches the Passive House Tradesperson Course at the Box Hill Institute in Melbourne.