Looking for a building company that thinks like you do?

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We build beautiful homes whilst reducing the impact on the environment.

As a forward thinking building company we are helping to revolutionise building techniques in Australia. We specialise in the pre-fabricated construction of ultra-energy efficient homes, large or small, incorporating our unique PanelLite wall, flooring and roofing system.

Unlike conventional buildings, CarbonLite homes do not rely solely on orientation, thermal mass or natural cross flow ventilation to perform efficiently. Our ‘next generation’ of sustainable homes allow you to build your dream home anywhere so that it performs at any time of the year without the need for excessive heating or cooling.

They say you don’t have to be the market leader to lead the market. We may not be the biggest builder in Australia but we are leading the way in many facets of precision prefabrication and ultra energy efficient building techniques.

From the start that was our aim… to lead the way. We are now proving that methods developed in Europe are available and working in Australia. Right here. Right now. We are achieving change by adapting the tried and tested Passive House concept for Australian climates and conditions.

The CarbonLite team are ambitious, hard working and collectively experienced in all facets of prefabrication and energy efficient building techniques. As a company we are constantly developing new ideas and evolving techniques to ‘reinvent’ ourselves as we continue to look for a better, faster and more efficient way to build your home…for a more sustainable future.