Passive House is the highest efficiency standard on the planet.

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Our homes meet the strict Passive House standard. Guaranteed.

The oil embargo of 1973 sent oil prices soaring and the world spiralled into an energy crisis. As a result, business turned its mind to energy conservation and energy efficiency.

Professor Bo Adamson, from Sweden and Dr Wolfgang Feist, from Germany saw the potential. With energy efficiency in mind, they researched, developed and successfully demonstrated their ‘passive’ concept. Formulating a design approach in a systems format, they attached stringent building performance energy standards to their system. And so Passivhaus [Passive House] was born.

Now a well developed and proven concept, Passive House is a voluntary but rigorous building efficiency standard recognised worldwide. Some would argue that it is the highest efficiency standard on the planet.

With strong functional knowledge being applied from the start, Passive House integrates building design, building physics and construction methodology.

There are five major principles to Passive House.

  • Insulation – consistently around the building envelope.
  • High performing windows and doors.
  • Energy Recovery Ventilation System.
  • Thermal-bridge free design.
  • Airtightness – maximum 0.6 air exchanges per hour.

Whilst Passive House principles remain the same across the world’s climates, the details do have to be adapted to the specific climate and conditions at hand. At CarbonLite, we have adapted the principles to suit Australian conditions.