Ideal builder

Katherine and I couldn’t be happier with the work Burkhard, Kate and the team completed for us. As architects, building our own house, building to Passivhaus standards was our number one priority. Carbonlite was the ideal builder to achieve this goal and not only achieved it but exceeded our expectations. Having lived in our house now for some time we can attest to the results of building a Passivhaus and would highly recommend Carbonlite to anyone with a construction project.

Eltham VIC, June 2020

Feels constantly comfortable

During winter we used to put on “animal onesies” over our clothes at night to keep warm even though we had the heater pumping. This winter, the coldest our house has gotten inside is 18 degrees and we don’t have a heater! Our friends ask if the house feels stuffy because it is sealed but the heat ventilation unit keeps the house fresh and constantly comfortable. It doesn’t feel like a warm heated home it just feels constantly comfortable. Everyone is envious of our passivhaus and we could not be happier.

Seddon VIC, April 2019

Our builder loved it

We used CarbonLite wall and roof panels for our new passive house certified home in Asquith, Sydney. The whole structure came together in just three days. Using CarbonLite saved us about two months construction time. On Monday morning it was just a slab and by the end of Wednesday afternoon it was a fully formed house complete with weatherproof membrane, air tight membrane, insulation, internal partition walls, the first floor and attic floors and the roof panels on. It poured with rain on Thursday and it stayed dry inside, so unlike a conventional frame, there was no risk of moisture damage to the structure. I was delighted by the speed and also the precision. At 8.5m up there was not a millimetre difference between the height of the top panel edges. Every panel was square and level. It also helped de-risk the achievement of passive house because it’s a passive house certified wall and roof assembly, so as the client you can have confidence that you will achieve all the passive house criteria that relate to the fabric: airtightness; continuous insulation; and no thermal bridges. The integrated battens helped speed up the installation of the external cladding, and the internal battens make a services cavity so it’s easy for the plumber and electrician to install pipes and wires with a minimal amount of penetrations through the membranes. Our builder loved it, and it was an assurance of quality for me as the client. I would recommend using CarbonLite’s system to anyone seeking passive house certification.

Asquith NSW, October 2020

Quality of build is so high that increases everyone’s expectations

One of the best in prefabricated housing industry. A great team with an extreme sustainable approach.
Quality of build is so high that increases everyone’s expectations.
When you see CarbonLite’s end product, you hardly can accept anything else!
Highly recommended.

Structural Engineer