CarbonLite will guarantee that our homes are air tight.

Please watch our short video for more information.

All our homes are subjected to a rigid blower-door test. Twice.

You may be surprised how much a conventional Australian house leaks. Typically air leaks under doors, through gaps in and around air conditioners, ceiling fans, holes cut for pipes and wiring, unsealed vents, skylights, cavity sliders and windows]. Air leakage can account for 15-25% of winter heat loss. That makes a conventional building unnecessarily expensive to heat and cool … and uncomfortable to live in.

On the other hand a house built to Passive House standard has an air tightness rating that must be met. This is expressed and measured in total building volume air exchanges per hour. To ensure that the Passive House rating is met, CarbonLite conduct a ‘blower door test’ on your home. Not once but twice. Once before the plasterboard goes on, and once on completion of your home.

Blower door testing uses a calibrated fan capable of measuring airflow, mounted in a flexible panel positioned in an external door. The fan both pressurises and depressurises the home. By recording both flow and pressure in each direction, the system is able to provide detailed information about building air tightness.

We are confident in our workmanship to the point where we will guarantee that your home will meet the Passive House standard of air tightness.