Please see a video below of a recent project in Yarralumla, Canberra, ACT, showing the loading, delivery and erection of PANELlite Floor, Wall and Roof Panels.

What exactly is PANELlite?

PANELlite is a prefabricated timber floor, wall and roof system which can greatly reduce construction effort, time and costs, while providing excellence in energy efficiency.
PANELlite is precision-fabricated in the factory and delivered to site on flat-bed crane-trucks, ready for immediate site installation. “Lock-up” of the building can be typically achieved in a single day.
PANELlite can increase home energy efficiency by up to 90% when compared with BCA-compliant conventional construction methods. “10-star” or European “Passivhaus” performance is typical.


The PANELlite Construction System


A PANELlite Wall Detail

Why is PANELlite a healthy solution?

Studies show that we actually spend 90% of our lives indoors and 2/3 of that time in our own homes.
PANELlite may reduce allergies. As PANELlite delivers airtight building envelopes, the risk of building contamination by pollutants from outside air is reduced, particularly in combination with energy recovery ventilation (ERV) systems that employ total air-filtration.
PANELlite will help reduce mould. When sealing the building envelope with a smart double-membrane system and when eliminating all thermal bridges, the entire building structure is protected from detrimental moisture build-up and associated dew formation.

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Would you like more information?

Thank you for your interest, if you would like more information or a cost estimate for PANELlite, please contact us.