Imagine! Comfortable, healthy living for your family all year round.

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You can effectively capture warmth that would otherwise be wasted.

The Energy Recovery Ventilation System provides a consistent, effective, low cost air exchange mechanism for your home.

The ventilation component extracts old, stale air from the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms and utility areas. Pollen and dust are filtered from fresh in-coming air before redistributing the fresh air to the designated areas in your home.

The energy recovery component recovers any form of energy produced in your home including body heat, plus heat generated by cooking and lighting for example. During winter the recovered heat is returned to the home mixed with the filtered air, in summer it is expelled.

A sensor measures the air quality and ‘boosts’ the air exchange it requires. Powered by a simple fan your running costs are kept to a minimum and everything runs automatically. No fuss.

Imagine! Comfortable, healthy living for you and your family -consistently and effortlessly all year round!